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Stewardship is connected with discipleship

I joined Everence® in May 2018 as a stewardship consultant, working with congregations and nonprofits. It was exciting to begin this work, as an ordained pastor, because I see how closely connected stewardship is with discipleship. Seeking to follow Jesus impacts what we do with our resources, time and abilities.

Meeting with a group of high school students, we were discussing services Everence offers. We started to talk about socially responsible investments, and a student asked, “What is the percentage of return difference between an SRI and non-SRI investment?”

A financial advisor noted that over time, the difference likely would be less than 1 percent, and the student responded, “With my limited amount of money, I can’t risk losing even 1 percent.” Many of us would respond similarly. We think more about the additional money in our pockets than the repercussions of our choices – what we truly value.

There aren’t easy answers when it comes to how we deal with money; it’s a lifelong journey. But God has given each of us resources to manage. We can embrace this responsibility and seek God’s guidance as we make choices on how to use them.

A verse that guides our mission at Everence is Psalm 24:1. “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” Perhaps it is time that we take seriously what this verse means, that all we have is God’s.

When was the last time we asked, “God, what is your vision for the resources that I have been given to manage?” Perhaps, as we engage God in this conversation, our hearts will also be changed.

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Lana Miller
Stewardship Consultant

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Helping people make financial decisions that reflect their faith and values is what Everence has been doing for nearly 75 years.

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