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Life insurance can provide a solid foundation

Someone once said that your legacy should be the life you’ve lived, not the financial hardship you leave behind.

As you start building families and having kids, you can’t help but think about what you’re teaching the next generation. What values will you pass to your kids? What impact will you have as your family remembers you?

It’s also natural to wonder what will happen if something unexpected happens?

That’s why families – especially those with children under 18 – start to buy life insurance. It becomes an important part of an overall financial plan to protect a family from trouble if a primary wage earner died.

If you’re like most people, your largest financial asset isn’t a house or a car – it’s your ability to earn an income. That’s especially true if you’re toward the beginning or middle of your career and have decades left to earn more. Life insurance can help your family if you pass away. It can help them stay in your family home and it can also help eliminate student debt and pay for other expenses. 

We can never know what will happen next in life – we can only do our best to love those close to us and hug them tightly each night.

What will your legacy be?

Hayden Goerzen is a Financial Advisor in the Everence® office in Hesston, Kansas.

Hayden Goerzen


Hayden Goerzen
Financial Advisor

Life insurance can provide a solid foundation

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