This produce hits the spot

Garden Spot Village is home to nearly 1,000 residents and one innovative greenhouse.

The not-for-profit retirement community in New Holland, Pennsylvania, just completed its first winter with its aeroponic greenhouse. Aeroponics is the science of growing plants without dirt, with nutrient-rich water sprayed regularly onto the roots.

Garden Spot Village residents have been enjoying fresh produce for several months.

The vegetables are what CEO Steve Lindsey (above, showing the greenhouse to Nikki Shingle of Everence) calls “ultra-fresh. They may harvest the plants at 10 o’clock and serve them at 11, so they have great flavor and texture.”

Residents are pleased to have organic food that’s grown right across the street from campus, Lindsey said. And produce grown onsite doesn’t have to be transported by trucks burning fossil fuels.

Everence has an office at Garden Spot Village and works with residents on various financial matters and with management in such areas as planned giving and investments.

Jim Miller


Jim Miller