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The Everence Sharing Fund provides matching grants to help churches increase their assistance

Your doctor tells you that you have a serious illness. You want to rise up to meet the challenge, but you feel despair too.

As you think about trying to overcome the illness, you’re also concerned about the financial impact – even if you have health insurance.

On top of your medical bills, you may face travel costs because the treatment you need is only available far from home.

A church recently asked for an Everence® Sharing Fund grant to help a couple with expenses because the man had to go out of state for treatment.

He had to spend two weeks in a hospital, then stay in a nearby hotel for two more weeks so he could go back to the hospital for daily outpatient treatment.

The church gave the couple money to help with lodging, gasoline and food expenses, and the Sharing Fund’s matching grant enabled the church to increase its assistance.

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