How annuities can help you and others

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A secure, fixed income and a legacy

Ask Vern Jantz of North Newton, Kansas, about charitable gift annuities he’s gotten through Everence®, and he’ll be glad to tell you several reasons he likes them.

For one thing, “I wanted to provide a secure, fixed income for my wife in case I was gone,” said Vern. He and his wife, Helen, both retired teachers, live in a retirement village in North Newton.

He and Helen want to leave a legacy. They feel comfortable knowing that when they’re gone, their alma mater, their church, a local homeless shelter, Mennonite Central Committee and others will benefit financially.

Vern said he and Helen appreciate knowing that the money they deposited for their annuities goes to Everence Foundation, which invests in socially responsible ways.

“We’re not going to take it with us,” Vern said. So using their money to support organizations that do good in the world “is what the Lord asks us to do.”

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