Routine drive takes a frightening turn

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A Medicare supplement plan aided a couple after a serious traffic crash landed the husband in the hospital.

It seemed like an ordinary trip to the hardware store when George* climbed into his car and started driving.

But a speeding, out-of-control car crashed head-on into George’s car. Paramedics – and then, hospital doctors and nurses – applied their skills to get George ready for surgery, said his wife, Jane*.

Many more procedures and tests followed the first surgery to repair broken bones and damaged organs. Months later, George and Jane are coping with day-to-day challenges, although he is walking again and working on strength and flexibility.

A neuromuscular disease that started after the wreck is another complication.

When Jane sent a donation to the Everence® Sharing Fund, she expressed gratitude for how much the couple’s Medicare supplement plan from Everence has helped.
“Without the integrity of our Everence Medicare supplemental insurance, perhaps we would not be in the good place we are in, or perhaps we would be bankrupted by medical costs,” Jane wrote.

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