Five financial tips for newlyweds

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Lean on the Lord and your money mentors

As a self-proclaimed 2020 “COVID couple,” my wife, Leah, and I started our marriage amid unprecedented times and difficult decisions.

And we learned quickly that most of them centered around financial decisions we’d never faced. Moving to a new state and starting new careers, buying a vehicle and preparing to buy a home topped our to-do list as newlyweds.

We’ve learned we will never have all the answers, and we should lean on the Lord and those around us to guide our journey together. We’ve done that, and gleaned these pieces of advice that I lend to those recently married, or soon to become so:

  1. It’s not our money; it’s the Lord’s. We’re called to seek understanding and serve as stewards of what’s entrusted to us.
  2. Understand your money mindset. Are you a saver, spender or giver? Knowing how you interact with money plays a huge role in joining one another at the decision table.
  3. Know your (cash) flow. Take an inventory of your income and expenses. This helps you plan accordingly and live freely within the confines of your desired lifestyle.
  4. Surround yourself with money mentors. Find those in your friend group, church community, or consider finding a financial planner to serve as your coach/accountability partner as you make financial decisions.
  5. Have fun. Sounds cliché, but be sure to earmark funds in your cash flow to allow for adventure and spontaneity in your marriage.
    Mistakes will be made, but the joy of tackling life’s challenges together makes it all worth it.
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Chandler Ingle, CFP®
Financial Consultant

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BetterHalves is a guide designed to help people – especially newly married people – talk about money and make sound decisions. It’s coming soon from Everence.


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