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Finding documents is only part of the story

Planning for the future. Having your financial affairs in order. Being good stewards of your resources. If you are familiar with Everence, you might recognize these common themes.

As you approach retirement – or even if you’re already enjoying retirement – it makes sense to put some thought into how you’re managing the resources God has blessed you with.

One of the most comprehensive tools Everence offers is the Personal Financial Affairs Directory.

People often use this guide to make sure their loved ones can find their important financial documents and records after they’re gone.

If something happened to you, would your family members know where to find your will, insurance policies, 401(k) documentation, bank account information or other important records?

The Personal Financial Affairs Directory is a good tool for that, but it serves another important purpose – helping you paint a clearer picture of your finances.

What sources of income will you have when you retire? How will the amounts coming from those sources compare with your expenses?

It’s never too early (or too late) to start laying the groundwork for your retirement. Decisions you make now can pay off down the road.

You’re told on an airline flight to start using your own oxygen mask in an emergency before helping others, so you’ll be physically able to help others. Along the same lines, if we have our own financial affairs in order, it’s easier for us to support causes that can help make the world better.

The 20-page Personal Financial Affairs Directory is available from your local Everence office.

Dustin M. Stutzman is a Financial Representative in the Everence office in Sarasota, Florida.


Dustin M. Stutzman
Financial Representative

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