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Members of congregation step in to help a neighbor in need

Working inside of the trailer

Portions of a home that needed major repairs can be seen in the above photos, as volunteers started to tear out and replace a rotted floor. An Everence advocate at a church near the home helped organize a project to fix the problem areas, with help from an Everence Sharing Fund grant.

A Pennsylvania man who needs a wheelchair is getting around a lot better these days.

Bob, who has had toes on both feet removed because of diabetes complications, lives in a mobile home near a church. A 40-year smoking habit contributed to his health problems.Jimmy trailer middle

Bob was away from home for a few days and came back to find that his water heater had leaked, drenching his floor. The floor then rotted and was beyond repair.

George, an Everence advocate at the church near Bob’s home, found out about Bob’s situation. The advocate – a volunteer who helps his congregation integrate faith and finances through Everence ministry programs – swung into action.

George contacted a local ministry that helps people who don’t have the money for needed home renovations.

The ministry’s volunteers, along with several more volunteers from George’s church, tore out the rotted floor and rebuilt that part of the home.

The volunteers also changed the doorways to accommodate Bob’s wheelchair, built a new bathroom, and installed a new water heater.

George applied for an Everence Sharing Fund grant to help pay for the materials to fix up Bob’s house.

The outside ministry group and George’s church also contributed, so Bob wouldn’t face any bills resulting from the work.

“It’s just incredible what happened there,” George said. “With the Everence support, we helped him get it all paid.”

But that isn’t the end of the story. His house wasn’t the only transformation going on in Bob’s life. While Bob was in a hospital recently, George “talked to him and led him to the Lord.”

People attending the church near Bob’s house are now accustomed to seeing him there almost every Sunday.


Inside of the renovated trailer

The homeowner’s new bathroom and part of the kitchen once the project was finished.

This story comes from a recent grant application to the Everence Sharing Fund. In some cases, names have been changed out of respect for the privacy of the families.

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