How's your financial strategy working?

Planning ahead when it comes to our money is not always easy

Planning ahead when it comes to our money is not always easy, especially if our normal living expenses are a monthly struggle.

We’re familiar with our own finances, but a financial planner may find potential opportunities, detours and missteps that we aren’t trained to notice.

An Everence® professional can work with you to find a financial path designed to fit your dreams, goals, faith and values.

Everence can help you create a strategy tailored to your needs by walking you through the branches of your financial life – cash flow, protection, investments, retirement, tax, estate and charitable planning.

Once your financial plan is completed, you’re welcome to continue working with Everence but not required to do so. You can carry out your plan through Everence, with another professional or on your own.

The choice is yours – Everence is ready to give you the opportunity to realize your goals, no matter which direction you choose.

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