A mission to give: the Abe Landes story

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Giving and sharing come in many forms, Abe Landes feeds his generosity with his time and money.

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Abe Landes may be retired, but he is still working. Abe spends his time at the MCC Material Resource Center, which helps support MCC in relief efforts around the world.

Several years ago, Abe came to Everence, ready to sell his rental property, but not wanting to give up the income he received from the property. Everence helped him look at his financial picture and set up an arrangement that allowed Abe to have money to live on and give.

“When you’re dealing with your finances, you have to really feel comfortable and feel like this person is really working for you and I feel that 100 percent with Everence,” said Abe Landes.

Watch the video to hear his story.

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