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Family legacy plans

Experience the joy, satisfaction and financial advantages of encouraging generosity throughout your family and with future generations, with help from a range of financial strategies.

When you work with Everence, we’ll help you define and establish your values, help define, determine, and organize your assets and financial resources and put in place the most appropriate tools to carry out your wishes.

  • Will bequests and testamentary trusts that establish your intentions and makes decisions clearer and easier.  
  • Charitable gift plans such as family endowment funds, charitable trusts and others that help you make the most effective use of your resources.
  • Estate administration that streamlines and simplifies the transfer of property so that the focus remains on helping and sharing. 

As a result, you can know that your current and future family members can appreciate what you hold close to your heart, and provide them with the same opportunity of generosity and giving.