Employee financial wellness

Contribute to your employees' well-being beyond traditional benefits. Everence can help you do it.

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Help your employees thrive and gain financial health across a lifetime.

A spectrum of education and services

Financial wellness program

You want to help employees save more through your retirement plan. But your staff may have financial stress that prevents them from taking full advantage of your significant retirement saving benefit. 

Everence can help with a wide spectrum of education and service offerings to help improve the financial success of your employees.

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Assessment tools

Financial wellness assessment tools that can be used to evaluate the needs of employees and their progress toward financial wellness.
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Educational events and resources

A wide range of educational resources, tools and events

  • On-site and community seminars and webinars
  • Online and print education, services and tools (through Everence and our record-keeping partners)
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One-on-one personal assistance

  • Fiduciary-based consulting services
  • Basic budget and debt counseling

Workplace trend of financial wellness

Why now?

Financial wellness has grown as a new employee benefit for good reasons.
To engage employees. Many employers aim to recruit and retain quality staff
with innovative benefits.
To help save for retirement. Employees want to save for retirement, but
financial strains affect their ability to save.

Financial wellness journey

Your employees naturally want to become more financially stable over their lifetime and to become resilient when facing the many challenges along the way.

Employers traditionally help their employees in three areas of financial stability:

  • Covering health costs (health plans)
  • Saving for retirement (retirement plans)
  • Providing some protection (ancillary insurance benefits)

A financial wellness program can strengthen the other financial areas of your employees.

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