Clergy taxes

Pastors have a unique tax situation that is unique as the ministry role itself. Everence encourages pastors to work with a trusted tax accountant who understands clergy taxes. We also provide webinars and resources to help pastors fulfill their tax obligations and avoid common pitfalls.

An introduction to clergy taxes with Ed Yoder, CPA 

Tax resources

Learn from these webinars and resources to file your own taxes or to help your pastor navigate tax rules -- and avoid financial risks of noncompliance.
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Take advantage of four webinars led by a tax professional who cares about the financial security of pastors. Presenter Ed Yoder, CPA, shares relevant information to help pastors meet their tax obligations and take advantage of tax benefits that especially help clergy.

An introduction to clergy taxes

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An introduction to clergy housing allowance

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A clergy tax return illustration

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Frequently asked questions regarding clergy taxes


Ministers' taxes made easy sign

Ministry taxes made easy

The current edition of Ministers' Taxes Made Easy, from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, helps guide pastors on the housing allowance, compensation and fringe benefits, business and professional expenses, and income and Social Security taxes.

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Everence does not give tax or legal advice and encourages all pastors to work with a tax accountant to fulfill their tax obligations. 

Housing allowance for retired pastors

Once a pastor is retired, they can continue to take advantage of the housing allowance, if they were previously on a church retirement plan. Learn about an example of how this benefit works within Mennonite Retirement Trust. Similar rules apply to the Friends Retirement Plan, the Brethren Retirement Plan and other church plans.

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