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Planning and Advice

Individual life events

Each stage of life has unique challenges. From getting started with your first apartment to phasing out the family business for retirement, you need professional assistance. Our representatives offer solutions and guidance.

Budget and debt counseling

No matter your age or income, you can receive free assistance or answers about basic finances.


There’s no getting around the fact that going to college is a large investment. The rising cost of higher education makes it more important than ever to prepare as much as possible, as early as possible.

End-of-life planning

Finish well by making sure your wishes are known and getting your finances in order.

Getting started

You’re finally on your own, so this is a good time to make some financial goals so you can be prepared for what’s next.


Look at money issues that make a big difference in your lives together.

Preparing for retirement

As people think about retirement, one question usually comes up: “Will I have enough money?”

Starting a family

New children in your life are a great gift. Let Everence help you build financial security for your new family’s future. You can get a head start on some of these before your baby is born!