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Our difference

Everence is a financial services organization that helps you integrate faith and values with your decisions about money.

Our faith foundation

Serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. – 1 Peter 4:10b

We believe in a God of abundance. There is enough for all if we manage our gifts effectively. Becoming an effective steward of those gifts is a lifelong journey – a journey made easier when you join with the faith community of mutually supportive people dedicated to the same ideal.

This vine image shows how we can help you integrate faith and finances (click on the vine image above to enlarge). A similar vine can be used by congregations and organizations.

Our faith in action

Guided by our faith values, Everence works together with you to cultivate and grow the resources that enrich our communities and the lives we share. When we integrate faith and finances, we all do better together through Everence community benefits. See the impact of those benefits.

Doing better together animated videos

Check out our animated videos below produced by us that center around the theme Doing better together to illustrate how Everence members impact their communities and the world.