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Planning & education

Are you the type who likes to be prepared? Or do you resist asking for advice and prefer the "wait and see" approach? In matters of faith and finances, some preparation is often a good idea. Our representatives are available to help. Whether tomorrow includes an unexpected set of twins, a new business grand opening, or an early retirement to fulfill a long-time dream, we'll help you face it prepared.

Calculators and worksheets

Try these calculators and worksheets to help with personal finance goals. Read more

Congregational education

We offer products and services for those behind the pulpit, in the office, or in the pew - retirement benefit plans, church grants, and more. Read more

Financial coaching

Our new financial coaching ministry is for congregations wanting to take the next step to help people deal with budget, debt and savings habits. Read more

Financial planning

When it comes to your finances, are you on a path to meet your short- and long-term goals? Do you have a financial plan that takes your faith and values into consideration? If not, Everence can help. Read more

Individual life events

No matter where you are on your financial path, Everence has resources to help you reach your long-term goals. Read more

Organizational services

In running your business or nonprofit, managing your assets well is top of mind. To help you pursue this goal, we bring you peace of mind in managing people and money. Read more

Stewardship education

Everence recommends the following educational resources for church leaders, individuals, small groups, and educators to help you and your congregation practice better Christian stewardship. Read more

Your goals, your team

When it comes to reaching your financial goals, there isn’t a “one size fits all” option. We want to help you integrate your decisions about money with your faith and values, in a way that best meets your needs. Read more