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Practical ideas to care for your God-given gifts

Toolkit offers practical ideas to care for yourself and others, particularly in ways that reflect your faith and values. Published every other month, this free newsletter is a quick read – only two pages – on current news and trends with important but simple applications for your life today.

Volume 44, Number 3 - May/June 2017

Sharing faith, time and money

Faith-based organizations are investing time and money in addressing root causes of homelessness, a recently released Baylor University study found … Faith-based groups provide 58 percent of the emergency shelter beds in the 11 cities surveyed, and offer services such as education, health care, job training and addiction recovery … Researchers found that the strongest responses to homelessness and its underlying issues come from collaboration among faith-based organizations, community groups, private industry and government agencies … The 11 cities examined were Atlanta, Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Omaha, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego and Seattle.

Ink cartridges empty again?

The ink you buy for your printer may cost you a lot more than the printer … Consumer Reports notes that with some models, you could spend more than three times the cost of the printer on ink in the first two years … Some inkjet printers consume more ink if they’re idle than if you use them regularly, because they use ink for a maintenance cycle … With many printers, less than half of the ink you’re using actually makes it onto paper … One idea from the magazine is to leave your printer on, which could cut down on its maintenance cycles.

Unsure about retirement

If you don’t know how much money you’ll need to retire, you’re in good company … More than 80 percent of Americans (81 percent, to be precise) are in the same boat, reported, referring to a new survey from Bank of America Merrill Lynch … The average person among the 4,800 surveyed expects to live to be 90, which probably would mean 20 years or more of retirement … But only 16 percent of those 50 or older said they could fund a retirement lasting 20 years … Everence® has advisors experienced in helping people prepare for retirement – talk with us today.

IT jobs programmed to go up

Information technology jobs are expected to expand by 12 percent by 2024, according to … The website refers to computer programmers – or “coders,” as they are often known – as “the next blue-collar job.” … A company in Kentucky is retraining coal miners as programmers (it got 950 applications for its first 11 positions) … And a Tennessee nonprofit is encouraging high school students to get into coding programs at community colleges.

Costs a lot to live here

Think of expensive places to live – Manhattan, San Francisco and Beverly Hills might come to mind … But according to a recent report at, no U.S. locations made a list of the 10 most expensive places to live compiled by MoveHub … The top 10 were Bermuda, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Singapore, Norway, Bahamas, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Luxembourg … The rankings were based on prices for 50 services or products, including internet access, food and rent.

Make your point quickly

Some companies are tailoring their instructional messages to the shorter attention spans of people who grew up accustomed to communicating with Twitter and Facebook … “People are not patient for long-form content,” a consultant told Fortune magazine. “They want to skip to the part they need.” … Walmart and PayPal are among the companies overhauling their employee-training programs … They’re using mobile apps and other nontraditional ways to deliver instruction to their staff quickly and in formats they’re familiar with, such as brief videos.

Free campus finally claimed

It was offering a free Christian college campus but for years, the National Christian Foundation couldn’t give it away … in February, the charity announced that the Massachusetts campus will be donated to Thomas Aquinas College and The Moody Center, reported … The 217-acre campus along the Connecticut River includes 40 buildings totaling about 500,000 square feet … Grand Canyon University accepted the campus several years ago, but gave it back after running into disagreements with the city of Northfield over the cost of sewer and road upgrades.

Get it together

Having your important personal financial information in one place can benefit you and your family, especially if the unexpected happens … Download the Everence® Personal Financial Affairs Directory at (under the Real solutions header) and fill in the details … It gives family members a wealth of knowledge about bank accounts, investments, insurance policies and valuables, along with the location of your will … But the directory also is a helpful tool if you want to develop a comprehensive financial plan with the help of an Everence advisor … Call us at (800) 348-7468 or contact an Everence office.

Lots of stuff out there

“It’s the biggest challenge our members have and it’s getting worse,” said Mary Kay Buysse of the National Association of Senior Move Managers … She was talking to about what to do with furniture and other possessions people leave behind when they die … Advice for people who inherit “stuff”? … Find places to donate as much as you can … And you can search online to find out if there’s a market for anything you have – if so, see if you can find an auction house or consignment business willing to try to sell it.

The evolution of video

For the first time, the percentage of free or paid streaming video subscribers in the U.S. (68 percent) has caught up to the number of paid TV subscribers (67 percent), according to the Consumer Technology Association … The association’s latest study also showed that people in the U.S. are spending as much time watching video content on laptops, tablets and smartphones as they are watching video content on TVs.


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