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Trust and estate planning and administration

Owning significant assets presents its own set of challenges and questions. A well-designed trust and estate plan will help ensure your wishes are carried out. And it can be one of your most important acts of Christian stewardship.

Benefits of a trust

Minimize estate and gift taxes and avoid the costs, delays and privacy concerns of probate. A trust also allows you to better protect your assets from creditors and lawsuits and put conditions on how your assets are distributed after you die.

Benefits of an estate plan

Simplify family responsibilities at a difficult time and alleviate problems that arise from strained family relationships. Professional estate administration also helps you to minimize estate, income and gift taxes and helps your heir make good life decisions.

Everence member Cal Redekop shares how his experiences shaped his values, which are reflected in his financial decisions and charitable giving.

Integrating giving

Trust and estate planning also provides you an effective structure to support the mission and charities you care about. Take comfort that you’re building generosity that lasts that also provides advantages today.

Here to serve

An Everence trust and financial advisor will guide you through the process in a helpful and clear way. Contact us today for additional details.