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Your financial journey

Your financial journey

Becoming an effective steward of your financial resources is a lifelong and multifaceted journey. Your Everence advisor can work with you to create a complete, overarching financial plan that focuses on seven branches of your financial life:

1. Cash flow planning

Remove stress, live freely and give generously, by learning how to manage your money in ways that are efficient for you and honor God.

2. Protection planning

Take steps now to have resources in place for your family and loved ones in case the unexpected happens.

3. Investment planning

Find investments that match your needs – including the possibility of integrating your values through stewardship investing.

4. Retirement planning

Be financially prepared, so you can spend less time worrying about retirement – and more time focused on enjoying your relationships and sharing your talents and gifts.

5. Tax planning

Because nearly every financial decision can have tax consequences, its important to understand what you can do to impact your tax situation.

6. Estate planning

Take control over the direction of your assets and how they’ll be administered – and take some heavy burdens off the shoulders of your loved ones.

7. Charitable planning

Make an impact – now or later – on the missions and ministries closest to your heart.


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