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Everence gives back

“… Go and bear fruit, fruit that will last …” – John 15:16

As a member of the Everence community, you are bearing fruit that will last. The numbers include Sharing Fund grants, Rebate for Missions™, Everence Community Investments, church loans and charitable gifts – all ways your faith values are at work for good simply by using Everence services.

Thank you to all members who use Everence products and services!

Everence Sharing Fund

$3,991,737 – Amount of grants

9,914 – Number of grants you provided to help people

In partnership with your congregation or chapter, the Sharing Fund provides matching grants to help meet basic living expenses or needs of individuals in your church and community. The dollars distributed include donations from members, our corporate tithe, and the amount Everence Association saves in tax dollars because of its special nonprofit status.

Rebate for Missions

$135,422– Tithe

17 – Organizations helped through your purchases

We tithe 10 percent of the income from your Everence Federal Credit Union Visa credit card purchases and use it to support church and mission groups, including organizations in your community. Members are involved in choosing both local and national rebate recipients.

Everence Community Investments

$4,045,458 – Amount invested

14 – Partner organizations you invested in that help individuals

Through Everence Community Investments, we channel investment dollars as loans to underserved communities across the country and around the world. Our partner organizations make direct investments in people seeking better lives. Many of these organizations have roots in the Christian faith, but all share our vision to open doors of opportunity for those in the margins.

Everence Church Loans

$25,443,070 – Amount in loans

37 – Number of churches you helped

We help church families grow with our loans that are part of a circle of giving, saving and lending within the faith community. When mem­bers purchase Everence annuities or mission-driven investment securities, they help congregations across the country build or renovate their facilities.

Everence Charitable Services

$183,125,517– Amount in charitable gifts distributed to organizations

11,845 – Number of organizations you helped

Our members give charitable gifts through our charitable services, making a difference in the world by faithfully supporting their churches and favorite charities. Their generosity is part of their overall financial plan for the future.

*Figures from January 2013 through May 2017