My card. My cause. MyNeighbor.

MyNeighbor is an easy way to support your favorite charitable organization, your Neighbor, through your normal shopping routines. 

For every grocery, gas or other purchase you make, Everence will donate 1.5 percent of the transaction total to your selected Neighbor.

MyNeighbor features

  • Applies to individual and business credit cards
  • Choose the charitable organization – the Neighbor – you want to support
  • Change your Neighbor at any time
  • No additional costs to you


The MyNeighbor dashboard

With the MyNeighbor dashboard, you can select and change the Neighbor you support at any time. You can also track your earned donations for the year and your lifetime total.

To access the dashboard, log in to online banking, click on the MyNeighbor card link to view your account details, then select the MyNeighbor dashboard button.

Online banking login

Apply for the MyNeighbor credit card

Individuals can apply online or through a downloaded application. Businesses should download their application to apply.

Apply online

Download the credit card application: Individuals | Businesses

Return the completed application in person, by fax or mail.

Everence Federal Credit Union

2160 Lincoln Highway E., Suite 20
Lancaster, PA 17602
T: (800) 451-5719
F: (717) 735-8331
E: MyNeighbor@everence.com

Download the app: App Store | Google Play

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Credit cards

Everence credit cards

MasterCard credit cards for individuals

  • No fees
    All Everence credit cards have no annual fees and no interest charged on purchases, if paid within 25 days of the statement date
  • Low cost
    No annual fee, no cash advance or transaction fees, 8.9 percent to 16.9 percent annual percentage rate on unpaid balance
  • Convenient account accessibility
    Access your account through online banking or the mobile app anytime
  • Membership
    An Everence Federal Credit Union savings account is required to obtain a MyNeighbor credit card

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Visa credit cards for businesses and congregations

  • No fees
    All Everence credit cards have no annual fees and no interest charged on purchases, if paid within 25 days of the statement date
  • Keep your business or congregation safe
    Everence cards have 24/7 fraud monitoring to make sure that all charges are yours
  • Low interest rates
    Interest rates starting at 9.9 percent to 13.9 percent annual percentage rate
  • Convenient
    Add employee cards, with spending limits you can control, at no additional charge. Your choice of a consolidated monthly bill or individual statements and online access to your accounts and statements
  • Membership
    An Everence Federal Credit Union savings account is required to have our credit card

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Frequently asked questions

Is MyNeighbor only for personal credit cards?

The MyNeighbor program applies to all personal and business credit cards from Everence.

Businesses will choose one Neighbor for all of their credit cards. Only the authorized account user(s), as decided by each business, should access the MyNeighbor dashboard to change the business’ Neighbor. 

What is a "Neighbor?"

A "Neighbor" is a local or global 501(c)(3) public charitable organization. 

Which Neighbors can I choose from?

You can choose from over 9,000 Neighbors.

What if my desired Neighbor isn’t currently supported through MyNeighbor?

If your desired Neighbor isn’t currently supported through MyNeighbor, please email MyNeighbor@everence.com with the name and address of the charitable organization you wish to support. The organization will be processed to become an eligible Neighbor.

Can I change the Neighbor I support?

Yes, you can change the Neighbor you support at any time through the dashboard. The online dashboard can be accessed through your online banking account.

The Neighbor you have chosen by Dec. 31 will receive the donation you generated during the course of the year.

When does Everence make donations to my selected Neighbor?

Donations are made each January for the prior year’s generated donations.

Can I receive a tax deduction for amounts donated from purchases with my MyNeighbor credit card? 

Donations are made by Everence and are not tax deductible by you.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement for the MyNeighbor program?

While there is no minimum purchase per transaction in order to earn donations, you must generate at least $10 in donations by Dec. 31 each year in order for Everence to make the donation to your selected Neighbor.

You can track your yearly and lifetime generated donations on the MyNeighbor dashboard. The dashboard is accessible through your online banking account.


When applying for a personal MasterCard credit card, please read the MasterCard credit card disclosure and view the rate information.

When applying for a Visa credit card for businesses or congregations, please read the Visa credit card disclosure.