Founded in 1945, we've grown out of a long tradition of church communities putting faith into action by sharing resources with each other.

Grandfather helping granddaughter tend a grapevine

Our story

Originally known as MMA (Mennonite Mutual Aid), we got our start by offering loans to church service volunteers. Our credit union – previously known as Mennonite Financial Federal Credit Union – traces its roots to a small, Pennsylvania credit union that was chartered to serve employees of Mennonite Publishing House and local Mennonite churches in Scottdale, Pennsylvania. 

Over the years, we added many more mutual aid and stewardship programs, including the following notable milestones.

Our history

A conscientious objector, unidentified, cares for a patient at New Jersey State Hospital in Marlboro, New Jersey in 1943–1946.


Mennonite Mutual Aid Inc. is incorporated, and we establish our original loan program for Civilian Public Service workers returning home from their assignments following World War II. (MCC photo).

The first leader of Mennonite Foundation, John Rudy (speaking), would create the early stewardship educations at MMA.


Our charitable services entity, Everence Foundation (originally Mennonite Foundation), is formed to provide counsel for planned charitable giving to members wanting to make difference in the world by supporting the causes that are most important to them.
The first meeting of MMAA's fraternal association included delegates from the following churches: Brethren in Christ, Evangelical Mennonite, General Conference Mennonite, Mennonite Brethren, and (Old) Mennonite.


We become organized as a non-profit fraternal benefits society to provide mutual aid and insurance support to our members.



Financial assistance for those in need (in partnership with local congregations) is offered through our Sharing Fund program. Everence members help provide this support when they purchase certain products from us and become part of our community.


Our various charters are amended and broadened to include other Anabaptist-related populations and groups.


Praxis Mutual Funds® is introduced, as a way for people to integrate their faith and values with their investments. Through our mutual fund family, shareholders have the opportunity to generate positive results for others, as well as themselves.


We begin incorporating community development investing into what we do, as a way to support efforts to replace practices of injustice and exclusion in the world with access, opportunity and hope.
Warren and Teresa Eshbach


We begin offering trust and estate services to help individuals and organizations develop financial strategies that allow them to make a profound impact on the people and ideas they care about.


Our financial services and banking areas join together when Mennonite Financial Federal Credit Union becomes MMA's banking associate – a partnership that's focused on helping people integrate their financial decisions with their faith and values.


After a more than 50 year journey, MMA and Mennonite Financial Federal Credit Union adopt a new joint name – Everence® – to better offer banking, insurance, investments, asset management, financial planning and other financial services with community benefits and stewardship education.


On the verge of our 70th anniversary, we launched our comprehensive financial planning service – an interactive, personalized service that empowers individuals and families to determine the financial path that fits their dreams, goals and values, with the help of our professional consultants.


Everence surpasses $3 billion in funds managed on behalf of members, including $1.2 billion in Praxis Mutual Funds assets under management. Additionally, Everence and its members generate over $1.2 billion in cumulative charitable impact – neighbors helping neighbors – since 1945.


Through the MyNeighbor credit card, our members generated more than $300,000 for some 350 nonprofit organizations. Additionally, we created a new Safe Church Grant to support churches in protecting children and vulnerable individuals from harmful abuse.


Praxis Mutual Funds celebrated 25 years of making a positive impact on the world. And, we expanded the Everence Pastor Financial Wellness Program to credentialed and active pastors from all of the denominations and church networks it serves, thanks to a second $1 million Lilly Endowment grant.


Standing together with the diverse communities we serve, Everence joined with church and community organizations to support those hit worst by the COVID-19 pandemic, including doubling our annual Sharing Fund grant amounts and working with MDS and MCC U.S. to create the COVID-19 Congregational Relief Fund


Everence is ready to help you address your changing needs in the future and invest in what lasts. We're grateful for the opportunity to help you make important financial decisions that deeply affect you, your loved ones, your organizations and your churches.