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Take advantage of the great rates and unique features built into our credit and debit cards for individuals, businesses and congregations.

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Credit cards for individuals

The MyNeighbor credit card for individuals is made for people who want more than just a standard credit card.


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Credit cards for businesses and organizations

The MyNeighbor credit card for businesses, nonprofits and congregations is designed for small or large organizations.

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Debit cards

Our debit cards can be used for point-of-sale purchases and cash withdrawals or transfers from an ATM.



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MyNeighbor Numbers

MyNeighbor program impacts local and global communities

MyNeighbor results

2020 MyNeighbor donation results

MyNeighbor aids work of nonprofits

Since the program began in April 2017, nearly $1.3 million has been given to local and global charities. 

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Everence values

Doing better together

By working with Everence, you help make a difference for our members and community. We live out our values through responsible money management and giving back to others.

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