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Charitable Giving

Donor advised fund

Establish a donor advised fund

Setting up your account online is simple!

A donor advised fund (also known as a charitable gift fund) is one of the most flexible tools available for charitable giving. You can donate nearly any kind of asset, and recommend the charities you want to support on your own timetable.

Designed for you

Our donor advised fund is designed to help you have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the missions and ministries you want to support. You can participate at a charitable giving level that best suits your needs.


Steward level


Patron level


Philanthropist level


Minimum initial contribution

(or $100 per month)
$10,000 $30,000

Minimum balance (average monthly)

$1,000 $10,000 $30,000

Minimum balance fee

$25 annually if balance is below $1,000 None None

Maximum number of distributions

Nine per quarter 15 per quarter Unlimited

Minimum activity fee

$25 annually if fund is dormant for three or more years None None

Annual reporting

Electronic or paper statements for balances above $5,000. For balances of $4,999 or less, electronic statements only (or $10 for annual paper statements) Electronic or paper statements Electronic or paper statements

Income (earnings on balance)

None Yes Yes

Investment options1

None Yes:
Investment portfolios
Yes, within two options:
Investment portfolios
Impact investing2

Investment advisory fee1

None 1.5 percent annually (charged quarterly) 1.5 percent annually (charged quarterly)

How it works

Setting up and using your donor advised fund is simple:

  1. You make a one-time tax-deductible contribution of cash or other assets with a fair market value (real estate, securities, mutual fund shares, etc.) to Mennonite Foundation to set up a donor advised fund. Additional contributions also qualify as one-time tax deductions.
  2. If you are in the Patron or Philanthropist levels, you may recommend that your donated assets be invested, including in our socially responsible investing portfolios. Learn more about the investment options available.
  3. You recommend how and when your donated assets should be distributed to your favorite charities.3 You may recommend distributions of $100 or more to any qualified tax-exempt charity. Your gift(s) may also remain anonymous, if you desire, and you can schedule recurring future distributions.

Simple to use

We offer full, online donor advised fund account access, where you can open an account, make electronic contributions, schedule recommended distributions, and access forms – whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you. You may also work directly with a charitable services representative to open and manage your donor advised fund account.

Advantages of donor advised fund

  • Get a tax deduction now, make charitable distributions later.
  • Level giving between high-income and lower-income years.
  • We convert non-cash assets to cash for you.
  • Avoid capital gains tax.

Mennonite Foundation has been helping people support their favorite charities in this way since 1953. Find out more by contacting your local Everence representative today.

1The investment advisor fee schedule is reduced for fund accounts over $100,000. Additional fee arrangements may be available to fund accounts of $500,000 and more. To participate in the impact investing options, donors must work with an Everence representative.
2The impact investing option requires an additional $100 set-up fee.
3Assets contributed to the donor advised fund become the property of Mennonite Foundation (an affiliate of Everence), and the donor retains no legal control over the gift. Instead, the donor is entitled to give non-binding advice to the foundation about the distribution of the funds.