Credit union awards global agencies with funds

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Rebate for Missions is a feature of credit card program

Everence Federal Credit Union will donate $12,700 in funds from its unique Rebate for Missions program to the global agencies of Brethren Disaster Services and Mennonite Mission Network.

Brethren Disaster Ministries offers ways for people to put faith into action by rebuilding homes, caring for children and responding globally through peace and justice. Mennonite Mission Network leads, mobilizes and equips the church to participate in holistic witness to Jesus Christ in a broken world.

Each year, Everence Federal Credit Union tithes to church and mission work 10 percent of its interchange income from the use of its Visa credit cards. In addition to the amount awarded to the global organizations, a portion is also donated to local community charities through branch offices.

Since the Rebate for Missions program began in 1995, Everence Federal Credit Union has made more than $250,000 in grants.

Everence Federal Credit Union is a full-service cooperative, a credit union, chartered to serve members of the Anabaptist community throughout the United States. With our once-a-member, always-a-member policy, we also provide financial services to members who are now scattered throughout the world.

[Update: April 2017, the Rebate for Missions program was replaced with the MyNeighbor program.]

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