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Everence helped cut more than $100 from monthly payment

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Sebastian Andrade drove his old car as far as it could go, but when the engine needed major repairs, he knew it was time for a change.

The machinery custodian for Sun-Maid Growers of California needs reliable transportation to get to his job.

Sebastian lives in the San Joaquin Valley near Fresno, and attends First Mennonite Church of Reedley/Primera Iglesia Menonita de Reedley.

Martin Navarro, Everence® Church Relations and Financial Representative, met Sebastian when visiting the church last year, and they talked about Sebastian’s finances, including his car troubles. The timing of Martin’s visit was fortuitous, especially considering that Sebastian does not speak English and Martin is bilingual.

Martin asked Sebastian to contact him once he was ready to fill out an application for a car loan through Everence Federal Credit Union. But as the need for a better car became more urgent, Sebastian ended up with a loan through a local dealership for the car he wanted to buy.

When Martin called Sebastian to ask how he was doing, Sebastian told Martin about his car loan. The interest rate was 23 percent and his monthly payments were $350.

Martin “knew we could do better,” so he contacted Tim Martin, Manager of the Everence Federal Credit Union branch in Goshen, Indiana, near the Everence corporate office building where Martin Navarro works.

Tim arranged a car loan for Sebastian at about 6.75 percent, lowering his monthly payment from $350 to $220.

“Martin worked with Sebastian, and was instrumental in getting it all taken care of,” Tim said. “These kinds of relationships are what we’re about. This is what makes us feel good.”

Sebastian was excited about the new loan and relieved that his monthly car payment is not such a burden, Martin said.

“He was very impressed with the service and the willingness of Everence to help him out.”

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