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Everyday Stewardship


Past issues

Everyday Stewardship is our flagship magazine published three times a year for Everence members. It offers educational columns plus popular stories of inspiring, real people who share some of the financial, health and other stewardship issues in their lives.

Spring 2017 articles

Young adult
Millennials, money, marriage
Financial considerations factor into marrying later

Career & family
Protect your family's future
Life insurance can provide a solid foundation

Pressure from both directions
Hurdles sometimes appear on the road to retirement

Importance of being prepared
Entire family benefits from end-of-life planning

Your stories
Retirement redefined as renewal
Going from two incomes to one and feeling OK

Your stories
Difficult (but helpful) discussions
How these parents kept harmony in the family tree with estate planning

Making a difference
Making green housing affordable

Lives we share
This produce hits the spot