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Planning and Advice
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Starting a family

New children in your life are a great gift. Let Everence help you build financial security for your new family’s future. You can get a head start on some of these before your baby is born!

Basic finances

Change your spending habits to make room for expenses of raising a family. Use our home budget calculator and our to adjust your expenses to check how you are doing.

Protecting your children

A will can provide for your children if you die, especially ensuring they are cared for by someone you appoint and that they have financial resources to support them. Everence also offers a will preparation grant to reimburse Everence members for part of the cost of preparing a will or updating an existing one.

Life insurance can protect your children by providing financial support if you die while they are young.

You can receive tax-free income if an accident or illness prevents you from working and earning the salary your family depends on. Learn more about disability insurance.

Saving for the future

Save now for all those needs of raising children – everything from preschool fees to vacations with a new savings account.

Your child will grow up before you know it. It’s much easier to start saving now for your child’s education.

Let’s talk

Do you have questions about financial issues related to raising your family? Talk with an Everence advisor.