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Pastor resources

We continue to make sermon materials available but also want to offer insights designed to help pastors think about potential new ways of approaching stewardship. Beryl Jantzi, Director of Stewardship Education for Everence, writes regularly about stewardship and related topics for our website and for other publications, workshops and study guides.

Beryl notes that more than 2,300 Bible passages address stewardship issues, and 16 of the 38 parables Jesus told focused on money and possessions. Some of Beryl’s observations about biblical accounts of stewardship will be featured here, including a recent column on pastoral care for wealthy people. You may reach Beryl at (800) 442-7930.

Our theology: holistic stewardship

Everence promotes a view of stewardship that isn’t limited to the money we donate to our churches but involves what we do with all of our resources throughout our lives. Holistic stewardship includes focusing on what we can accomplish together when it comes to making a difference in people’s lives. How we use our financial resources is significant, but aligning our lives with God’s purposes also includes what we do with our time and talents and how well we care for creation. This theology of holistic stewardship is the foundation of Everence. You can find many more resources for you and your congregation on our Stewardship Education page.

Sermons and worship resources

Pastoral care resources/Equipping