End-of-life Curriculum

Thinking about and intentionally planning for life’s ending journey can also be a time of powerful acts of love and stewardship. We’re pleased to offer ideas about how we can think about this transition from our time in this world.

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An introduction about some of the topics that involve life’s final chapters.

Starting the conversation

Giving Moments of Grace

How one family cherished the gift they received by openly talking and planning for end-of-life issues.
How frank and honest discussions can be beneficial in so many ways.
Getting specific, writing down the details, and sharing it all with family can result in peace of mind and stronger bonds. 

Topics and elements

Getting intentional

It’s easy to overlook the different aspects to our departure on earth. View the videos to see how you or a loved one can begin to take steps toward a capturing and sharing one’s wishes.

The benefits of planning well


Tame and wild dying


Advance care plan for a peaceful departure


What to do with my body


Necessary family conversations


Making your wishes known

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