New Everence videos highlight benefits of end-of-life planning

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How much a man's end-of-life planning meant to his family

Two new videos from Everence® - called Giving moments of grace - illustrate how much a man's end-of-life planning meant to his family.

The videos feature interviews with the family of Daryl Garber, a former member of Akron (Pennsylvania) Mennonite Church who died at 81 in March 2016.

Daryl made sure that Lila, his wife of more than 60 years, and their sons and daughters-in-law knew his wishes, and their heartfelt comments make it clear that Daryl's preparation was a valuable gift.

"It helps the surviving family members through a very tough time when enough thought and planning has been done," said Kevin Garber, one of Daryl and Lila's sons.

The videos include interviews with Lila and sons Kevin, and his wife, Kathy Bosin; Randy, and his wife, Judy; and Monte, and his wife, Marcy Hostetler. Visit to watch these and other end-of-life curriculum and workshop content.

Daryl and several of his friends at Akron Mennonite Church talked about end-of-life issues for years. Workshops at Akron Mennonite helped families prepare for the transition. Those workshops helped inspire an end-of-life group study curriculum Everence developed and offers on its website.

"Families can face a number of difficult issues when a loved one approaches the end of his or her life," said Beryl Jantzi, Everence Director of Stewardship Education. "These videos tell the story of how Daryl's loving preparations helped ease the burden on his family."

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End-of-life Curriculum

Thinking about and intentionally planning for life’s ending journey can also be a time of powerful acts of love and stewardship. We’re pleased to offer ideas about how we can think about this transition from our time in this world.


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