We have your consumer loan needs covered

1.99% APR1

Auto loans

As an alternative to dealer financing, we're here to help you purchase or refinance a new or used vehicle.

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7.99% APR2

Personal loans

Some loans don't fit into a category – that's why we also offer personal loans. 

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4.00% APR3

Student loans

Get a student loan for qualified education expenses like tuition, room and board, books and a computer, or combine multiple private student loans into one loan with one monthly payment.

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My card. My cause. MyNeighbor.

Earn reward dollars for your favorite charitable organization – your Neighbor – through your normal spending.

Every time you use the MyNeighbor credit card, Everence will donate 1.5 percent of the transaction amount to the Neighbor of your choice. 

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Debt consolidation

The benefits of debt consolidation

Saving money

The simple act of rolling all of your loans into one loan won't necessarily save you money, but you often can get a lower rate than you are currently paying – especially if you have credit card debt.

Simplifying your payments

Making one payment a month is easier than having multiple payments. In addition, we can help set up an automatic payment plan so you don't have to remember to make your payment.

Improving your credit score

Consolidating your loans can improve your credit score by reducing the number of accounts with outstanding balances listed on your credit report.

Decreasing your tax burden

When you consolidate your loans into a home equity loan or home equity line of credit, you may be able to save on your taxes. Interest paid on these real estate products can be used as a tax deduction.4

Everence values

Doing better together

By working with Everence,  you help make a difference for our members and community. We live out our values through responsible money management and giving back to others.

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Additional loan rate details. 

1 Annual Percentage Rate. Auto loans available as low as 1.99 percent APR for qualified borrowers. 

2 Annual Percentage Rate. Personal loans available as low as 7.99 percent APR for qualified borrowers. 

3 Annual Percentage Rate. Student loans available as low as 4.00 percent APR for qualified borrowers. 

4 Consult your tax professional for more details.