Celebrating 75 years of stewardship

Faith and purpose. Community and trust. Love and sharing. For 75 years, these are some of the values that have guided our commitment to cultivating and growing the resources that enrich our communities and the lives we share. And it’s these same values that will lead the Everence® community toward new and collaborative ways to make a lasting and positive impact on the world.


We think 75 years is worth celebrating – and not just for one day. Join us, as we commemorate our anniversary in different ways from July 2020 to July 2021! 
Watch the GC Talk session from Nov. 12, 2020 about about the Everence story of Anabaptists putting faith into action with Ken Hochstetler, President and CEO of Everence; John D. Roth, Ph.D., Goshen College Professor of History; and Todd Yoder, Goshen College Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Sunday, July 19, 2020, for our 75th anniversary videocast, celebrating our history of Christian stewardship and mutual aid – neighbors and friends walking alongside each other, investing in the path ahead. Did you miss it? No worries – you can watch the recording right here!

Living the values

Inspiring stories

For three quarters of a century, the Everence community has put faith into action by sharing resources with each other. Every single one of our members, clients, partners and friends are part of this story – and we invite you to immerse yourself into some of the stories that embody our commitment to invest in what lasts!

Honoring Laban Peachey

Former leader helped advance the understanding of stewardship as both a theological concept and a way of life.

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Women meeting together

75 years of partnering

From its very beginning 75 years ago, Everence has partnered with organizations that operate with Anabaptist faith values in mind. Today, more than 1,400 businesses and nonprofits partner with us.

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John Rudy, former leader of Everence Foundation (Mennonite Foundation), leans back casually at his desk

Remembering John Rudy

Former leader – who helped Everence Foundation come of age – passed away on Aug. 26, 2020, at the age of 96 years old. 

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The first leader of Mennonite Foundation, John Rudy (speaking), would create the early stewardship educations at MMA.

Faith, finances and serving others

A lot can happen – and has happened – in 75 years of combining faith and finances; each change has broadened what Everence can do and who we can help.

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One growing church helps another

How growth at Assembly Mennonite Church in Goshen, Indiana, is benefiting a congregation 650 miles away.

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Colorful mural of two hands

Loving our neighbor

The speed at which COVID-19 has brought much of the economy to a screeching halt has exposed major gaps in how our society is caring for its “essential” low- to moderate-income households. Everence is undertaking efforts to help promote equity and opportunity.

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Building a little dignity

How dozens of people came together to create a tiny house village for homeless people in Denver, Colorado, with a little help from Everence.

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Gladys and Brownie Driver are remembered for their spunk as well as their generosity

Generosity with a side of spunk

Gladys and Brownie Driver pitched in to support charitable causes for many years. And they made sure that when they died, their contributions would multiply many times over.

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Gilberto and Elizabeth Perez made dinner in their kitchen at home

Hard lessons during busy times

Experiences in their early years taught Gilberto and Elizabeth Perez many hard, but valuable lessons that they still remember today. Those lessons have shaped them and allowed them to give back to their family, community and others.

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Immigrant woman and child

From Africa to Idaho

How Everence members supported workshops in Boise, Idaho, to help former residents from Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo feel welcomed and supported.

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More stories

A solid foundation

Our story and heritage

In 1945, Everence was founded to provide mutual aid to people with financial needs following the economic difficulties of the 1930s – and since then, we’ve continued to grow out of a long tradition of church communities putting faith into action by sharing resources with each other.


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From Herald Press

Where the people go

A barn raising. A quilting bee. A credit union. A socially responsible investment. Where the People Go, written by historian John D. Roth, tells the Everence story – capturing the stresses and idealism of our commitment to mutual aid, stewardship and generosity over the years.

Doing better together

Cultivating community

Day in and day out, Everence members make a difference not only in their own stewardship journeys, but also in the lives of others.
Group of kids around Little Free Library

Helping communities

Check out the many ways the Everence community is multiplying their impact in the communities and lives we share.

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Living the values

Everence members live out their values, through responsible money management and giving back through community investing, grant-making and charitable giving programs.

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Ben and Sue Sprunger kept harmony in the family tree with estate planning

Faithful giving

Last year alone, Everence Foundation disbursed $49 million to more than 3,000 congregations and nonprofits on behalf of donors. See how you can, too.

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Elise Romero reading Everence Everyday Stewardship magazine

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