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Charitable Giving

Farm commodities

Farming presents special opportunities to make donations to charity and reduce your taxes.

To give a commodity from your farm, simply notify Mennonite Foundation (an affiliate of Everence). Then, you sell the commodity acting as our agent. The buyer writes and sends a check to Mennonite Foundation, which is deposited in Mennonite Foundation’s donor advised fund in an account in your name. We then distribute the money – when you want – to the charitable organization(s) of your choice.

Interested in learning more? Contact your local Everence charitable services representative today!


  • Deduct the cost of producing the commodity from your farm.
  • Reduce your self-employment tax.
  • Support your favorite charities.
Note: Your gift represents an irrevocable contribution to Mennonite Foundation, an affiliate of Everence, and is nonrefundable. There is no service charge on your account as long as the funds remain on deposit at least 30 days.